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East of Monroe lands in Dublin

Many thanks to Bluegrass Today for sharing the first installment of our tour travelogue.  Here's a little taste...

"We arrived in Dublin on Friday morning after an overnight flight from Washington, DC, and we immediately headed for our first gig! We’ve had quite the time learning to drive on the opposite side of the road and navigate the narrow streets of Ireland. After getting lost a few times, we arrived in Enniskillen in the North Irish countryside to play a private party. We were struck immediately by how warm, welcoming, and attentive everyone is over here – and this has continued throughout our trip so far! Our event hosts, along with the crowds, have just been wonderful..."

Yesterday, we also had the opportunity to take some band photos in a two hundred year-old cottage in Sligo. Of course, we had to test out the acoustics in such a cool building... for a video of that, and more of our adventures in Ireland, check out the full article here.

Watch for more updates as we continue our tour! Don't forget to follow us on  Facebook ,  Instagram, and  Twitter . Thanks, as always,  for supporting our music!

- Billy, Gary, Jackie, Lisa Kay, Terry, and Wally

East of Monroe 

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